Personal Narratives

I hope that by now you are narrowing the list of topics you could explore in your personal narrative.  To get you started, here are some quick exemplars to look over.  I recommend you quickly read through all of them (they are brief) and then choose one to work with in class on Tuesday; it might help to print out a copy of your chosen piece.

Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan

A Rice Sandwich by Sandra Cisneros

Two pieces by Vancouver author Evelyn Lau:  “On the Pursuit of an Authentic Life Off-Line” and “I’m Tired of Hearing People Call Me a ‘Chink'”

“What I Have Lived For”, by Bertrand Russell– a wonderful example of the type of admission essay you will be asked to write.

And finally, for the LOLS, take a look at this exemplary college application essay — it is a creative approach to a standard question.

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