The Great Gatsby

November, 2019

The Great Gatsby

 Research Presentation


The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s on Long Island, outside of New York City.  In order to better understand the actions of the characters, their motivations, and the context of the story, you need to understand this time period and its influences. In groups of 3-4, you will research one of the following topics and prepare a 15 minute oral and visual presentation for the class, including an interactive component (no Kahoots or Jeopardy style games). You will have two class periods to research and prepare your presentation. Prezi, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other media are welcome. You must use at least one primary source in your presentation.  Here’s your chance to be creative!


  • Class work periods are November 18thand 20th
  • Presentations begin on November 22nd


  1. The Jazz Age (focus on music)
  2. The Roaring 20s (fashion, and flappers)
  3. Money, Money, Money (post-war boom and then 1929 bust, Old Money  vs New Money)
  4. Organized Crime (Arnold Rothstein, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre,                     1919 World Series)
  5. Art and Architecture (Art Deco, skyscrapers)
  6. Prohibition
  7. The 19thAmendment
  8. The Harlem Renaissance (slang, cinema, and song)
  9. Scott & ZeldaFitzgerald: The Lost Generation (the legacy of   World War I)


Adapted from Ms. Brett and Mr. Choi

Gatsby Rubric 2019





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